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School Social Worker

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Student Support Services/Social Worker

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Test Location
(High-Needs School)

Advanced Technology Academy - website

Position: Social Worker

Supervisor: Chief Academic Officer / School Principal


Description: The social worker will counsel students who are in crisis. The social worker will help in obtaining government funds or treatment for a student. He/she will also begin legal action or notify the proper authorities in cases of child abuse.


? Performs casework service with individual students to correct those personal, social, or emotional maladjustments related to their educational and social progress. ? Performs casework service with parents as part of the task of helping students, to increase the parents' understanding, their constructive participation in resolving their child's problems, and their knowledge and use of appropriate resources available. ? Consults and collaborates with other school personnel in gathering and giving information on a case, and in establishing and planning for respective roles in the modification of the student's behavior.

? Assists with referrals of students to, and serves as liaison with, outside agencies such as Department of Human Services, Juvenile Court, private Mental Health Centers, etc. ? Makes home visits when necessary for the purpose of gathering helpful information on a student's background.

? Serves as liaison between home and school when considerable follow-up is necessary, as in families receiving services from Human Services, foster home children, and disadvantaged students.

? Assists students directly toward adjustment to school.

? Keeps sufficient records of cases for use by school staff members and outside agencies when appropriate.

? Assists other school staff in development and implementation of parent and student training programs when appropriate.

? Performs other tasks and assumes other responsibilities within the overall scope of the position which the supervisor may assign.

Schedule 5 - 70

Employed by: TAG L.L.C.

? Must comply with A.T.A. Faculty handbook and ADP Total Source policies handbook. Qualifications:

? Master's Degree from a graduate school of social work program approved by the state board of education.

? Full approval from Michigan Department of Education.

? A minimum of a 500 clock hour supervised social work practicum.

? Previous recommendation for temporary approval from an approved university school of social work training program.

? Patience, resilience, and the ability to remain calm in a crisis.

? Initiative and flexibility to adapt to new roles, tasks, and situations.

? Strong observation, analytical and listening skills.

? The capacity to absorb legal/procedural information.

? The ability to negotiate/mediate/interpret on behalf of students.

School Social Worker

Wayne County Schools Employment Network
Wayne, MI 48184
Full time

Published on 10/05/2022

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