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Per-Diem Phobia Therapist

Job Description

Anxiety Phobia Program Group Therapist
Behavioral Health Clinic, White Plains

Per --Diem group therapy leaders needed for nationally recognized Anxiety and Phobia program. This is a per diem position that requires extensive experience in group leadership, as well as knowledge and experience with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and with the treatment of specific phobias (ie, fear of flying), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and/or Health Anxiety (Hypochondriasis),. Based on a structured group curriculum, and under the overall supervision of the Program Coordinator, therapy groups meet weekly (weeknights) for specified time periods (e.g., six weeks, eight weeks) throughout the year. Group leaders work in conjunction with phobia counselors, who provide the in-vivo exposure therapy component of the group workshops. Licensed psychologist or LCSW social worker required.


PhD/Psy.D for psychologist, or MSW for social worker, LMHC

Experience in an outpatient behavioral health setting.

Per-Diem Phobia Therapist

St. Vincent's Hospital Westchester
Brooklyn, NY
Full time

Published on 04/17/2022

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