American Addiction Institute of Mind and Medicine

American Addiction Institute of Mind and Medicine

About Us

For us, “recovery” has a much greater and holistic meaning than your stopping the use of a substance or substances for a short period of time! What we aim to achieve is the long-term cessation of the substance of abuse, cognitive changes that translate into behavioral changes, and facilitation by our team into integrating you, the client, back into the functional and enriched life that you deserve. This is what is absolutely different from us than any other center you may choose to attend or participate in!

Mission: To empower each client through care based on science and compassion. To advocate for our client population through education and community outreach.

Vision: To create a society where those that struggle with substance abuse can live and prosper with dignity and hope. Inherent in our philosophy is service to individuals as well as our community. From this idea stems every decision that we make in your recovery.


Company Profile Type: 
Substance Abuse Centers, Mental Health Services
Addictions, Outpatient
Client Populations Served: 
Adults, Addictions/Chemical Dependency, Low Income, Families
Anxiety Disorder, Anger Management, Chemical Dependency, Process Addictions, Behavioral Health, Crisis Intervention
Company Size: 
1-10 employees
Wanted Occupational Fields: 
Addiction Treatment, Crisis Intervention, Marriage & Family Counselor, Mental Health Counselor, Social Worker

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